Computer Systems - As a personable and locally focused provider of collection and receivable services, The Advantage Group has the technology in place to compete anywhere in the marketplace. We have the ability to interface with our customers, meeting their specific needs at the highest levels of efficiency and security. All transactions are done through a dedicated, private MPLS network connecting all of our sites together with telephony and data.

Our application platform is widely considered to be the Gold Standard in the industry and is the backbone of our recovery services for both our Extended Business Office and Collection services. Our systems are both flexible and robust. From data input both manual and electronic, to account management (including output reporting and data tracking) and workflow strategies, our system is highly competitive and is the leading recovery technology in the industry today.

Fully Redundant Production and Disaster Recovery - We have incorporated extensive back-up redundancy by maintaining, along with our production server, a fully redundant mirrored disaster recovery server which is located offsite some 400 miles plus from our production data center. We have incorporated fail over applications to minimize and/or eliminate any company wide downtime. Our server utilization is currently less than 20% of its maximum capacity. As a result, the addition of new client volumes never presents an issue to the speed and integrity of operations, either for existing or new customers.

New Business and Update Files Acceptance - We have the capability to accept either Fixed or Variable Length Files, in either ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) or EBCDIC (Extended Binary-Coded Decimal Interchange Code). Print Image Files can also be stripped out and processed, however this does add an extra step in the processing of such files. Our systems are set up to easily handle not only New Business files, but also Payments-In, Payments-Out, Demographics-In, Demographics-Out, Reconciliation-In and Reconciliation-Out.

Ancillary Process - All ancillary processes such as the ability to pull credit files, access directory assistance, reverse look-ups, process credit cards/checks by phone, request/send letters are all accomplished through secure and closed systems. Our fully integrated system insures strict adherence to all applicable regulations governing such transactions.

Telephony - Telephonic interaction with consumers is the most effective means of successful collection recovery and is an integral component of our day-to-day operations. As with all of our systems, our telephony systems are also fully redundant and maintain multiple points of access to our private MPLS network, thereby reducing and/or eliminating company wide risk of downtime due to system or network failure.

All sites are fully integrated with VOIP telephony. This technology links all of our sites together while providing state-of-art call center features including Call Recording, Expanded Call Management, Call Monitoring, Call Accounting and the incorporation of Automated Call Distribution (ACD).  This allows for better telephony utilization, reduced caller on hold times, and increased levels of customer service.

The Automated Dialer and Interactive Voice Response Systems also play a critical roll in our technological capabilities.

State-of-Art Telephony Systems at a glance:

This communication is from a debt collector. This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.